Petrônio Cândido de Lima e Silva

Montes Claros, MG, Brazil

I am a Professor, Researcher, and Developer at IFNMG currently living in Montes Claros, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. My interests include everything related to Data (Databases, Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Management, etc), Computational Intelligence (Fuzzy Systems, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computing, etc), Software development and related stuff. I am also interested in innovation, sustainability, human and animal rights, and social good.

Currently I am co-founder of {ci∂ic} - the Research Group In Data Science and Computational Intelligence of IFNMG and member of MINDS - Machine Intelligence and Data Science group of UFMG.


Professor and Researcher

  • Master's degree research supervision.
  • Teach courses on Data Science, Time Series and Stochastic Processes.
2020 - Present

Professor and Researcher

  • Educational activities include courses on Databases (using MySQL and Hadoop), Software Development and Engineering (using UML, Java and Git) and Machine Learning (Fuzzy, RNA, Evolutionary Computing, clustering, etc).
  • Extension activities included free and open soure software development, data warehouse and business intelligence development, planning and execution of several Technical Speeches, Meetings and Technical Visitations for students.
  • Research activities include the position of Coordinator of {cidic} - Grupo de Pesquisa em Ciência de Dados e Inteligência Computacional (Data Science and Computational Intelligence Research Group)
  • Administration activities include the former position of Post-Graduation Coordinator on IFNMG Januária campus
2013 - Present


  • Educational activities include courses on Databases (using SQL Server), Software Development and Engineering (UML and .Net Framework), Machine Learning, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (Pentaho)
  • Extension activities included the planning and execution of several Technical Speeches, Meetings and Technical Visitations for students.
  • Research activities included the creation of the Study Group on Applied Data Mining (Grupo de Estudos em Mineração de Dados Aplicada - GEMA).
2009 - 2012

Developer and Software Architect

Inovesys Technologies
  • Software craftmanship, UML, Agile
  • Git, Github
  • .Net Framework, C#, ASP.Net, Visual Studio, SQL Server
2007 - 2012

IT Manager

  • IT Management (ITIL), Data Management (DMBOK)
  • Windows Server 2003 administration, Debian Linux Server administration, Network Infrastructure administration
  • .Net Framework, C#, SQL Server
  • Data Warehousing (SSIS) and Business Intelligence.
2002 - 2007


Doctor in Electrical Engineering - Computational Intelligence

Scalable Models For Probabilistic Forecasting Using Fuzzy Time Series
Keywords: Computational Intelligence, Time Series Analysis, Fuzzy Systems, Probabilistic Forecasting, Distributed Computing
2015 - 2019

Master in Informatics

Knowledge Discovery In Spatio-Temporal Databases Applied For Hydrological Risk Forecasting
Keywords: Knowledge Discovery in Databases, Spatio-Temporal Databases, Bayesian Networks, Decision Trees, Flood Forecasting
2007 - 2010

Bachelor in Information Systems

Backpropagation Algorithm Parallelization For Beowulf Clusters
Keywords: Artificial Neural Networks, Cluster Computing, Backpropagation Algorithm
2002 - 2005


General Skills
  • Portuguese, English
  • Data Science, applied machine learning, descriptive and predictive analysis, spatio-temporal forecasting models
  • Computational Inteligence, Fuzzy Systems, Cognitive Systems, Evolutionary Computation and MetaHeuristics
  • Databases, Data Management, Data Warehouses (ETL, OLAP, Dashboards), Non Relational Databases (NoSQL), Data Engineering (Data pipelines)
  • Agile Development, Scrum and Kanban
Programming Languages & Tools
  • Python, R, Java, C#
  • Jupyter, Google Colab, Hadoop/Spark, Amazon
  • Hitachi Vantara, PowerBI, Tableau, Knime, Metabase
  • Git, Github
  • Latex, Mendeley, Overleaf
  • Linux, Android

Interests and hobbies

I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt (2016), and love this martial art and its philosophy. I started training BJJ in 2009 and it rapidly turned me in a more confident and balanced person, so I strongly recommend its pratice for everyone. Currently I teach this martial art as a hobby and I am planning to start a social project aiming to help woman and LGBT+ people to self defend itselves.

I am also a nature lover and an outdoor sports practicioner. I particularly like to rock climbing, but sometimes I also try a little bit of slackline, trekking and touristic speleology. I love music (rock, jazz, brazilian music, classical) and I like to play guitar and percussion.

Works and Intellectual Production

Journal and conference papers

Presentations and talks

Open Source software and libraries

Tutorials, short courses and courseware